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Indian Art

India's economy has been growing at a rate of 8-9% per annum. With growing economic prosperity, has come a heightened interest in the Art and Culture of the country. Though Indian Art has grown at a very rapid pace, it is still very miniscule in comparison to the global art scene. India contributes just about 1% of the Art Sale in the major Auctions (which is the only transparent available barometer). There is a burgeoning appetite for Indian Art, top end Art being rare and difficult to acquire.

Born out of beauty and curated with passion, Breathe Arts is an online art portal providing access, by invitation only, to the finest modern, contemporary and tribal Indian art, and coveted artist’s works at very attractive prices. With our vision to take Indian Art to the global plane, Breathe Arts acts as an intermediary between Indian Artists and global audience for contemporary and modern Indian art.

Breathe Arts is the safest art trading platform in the Indian Art industry with unique escrow facilities for high value transactions that lend the clients the highest level of security.

Indian Art Gallery

Breathe Arts is a respected Indian art gallery platform with an online presence in Dubai, Dusseldorf, London, New York, Sydney. Showcasing works of Indian artists in the emerging, developing, established, and blue chip range, we welcome connoisseur and critic, to this exclusive global community. Investment or eye-candy, for the fledgling and seasoned collector, Breathe Arts offers respected opinions, attractive pricing and efficient online transactions. As a respected Indian art gallery, Breathe Arts is also the safest art trading platform in the industry with unique escrow facilities for high value transactions that lend our clients the highest level of security.

Online Art Gallery

Breathe Arts is not just an online art gallery but an exclusive platform taking Indian art to the global plane. A global presence linking the creative and business spheres of the art world, Breathe Arts launched its online art gallery in 2009 and has affiliations in Latin America, The Middle East, Europe, South-East Asia, Australia and Canada.

We invite curators to curate shows especially for the online art gallery. Each online art exhibition lasts 6-8 weeks and features selected works from a single artist as well as groups of artists. All sales take place only on the online art gallery platform on www.breathearts.com. We introduce each collection, with our curator’s synopsis that offer a preview of upcoming shows and must-have pieces selected by our featured curators.